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I miss my little sister so much. She’s great. Just look at her. And all that beauty.

She wants to follow in my footsteps and become a designer.

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Black woman, you carry too heavy a burden
Come, stay with me
Come, rest a while
Rest your weary bones
And let sleep nourish your battered soul

Mickalene Thomas
Instant Gratification (from the Brawling Spitfire wrestling series), 2005
Rhinestones, acrylic and enamel on wood, 84 x 72 in.
Courtesy the artist

Tesfay Atchbekha Negga
Title Unknown


Zinaida Serebriakova
Resting black girl, Marrakesh (1928)

Paul Gauguin
Are you jealous? (1892)

Tesfay Atchbekha Negga
Title Unknown

Tesfay Atchbekha Negga
Title Unknown

Mickalene Thomas
Sleep: Deux Femmes Noires, 2012

Mickalene Thomas
Tamika Sur Une Chaise Longue (2008)

Everett Spruill
Beach Nude

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Women in Africa and the Diaspora: “The Art of Hair”

J.D. Okhai Ojeikere (1930-2014) a Nigerian photographer, documented the captivating hairstyles of young Nigerian women in the late 1960s. His Hairstyle Series consists of over a thousand pictures of fashionable African inspired hairstyles and is the largest of his archive to date. Ojeikere passed away at the age of 83 on the afternoon of February 2nd these pictures, there is no doubt that many of the hairstyles we now wear were inspired by African women. Here are a few of my favorites from the series.

-Bilphena Yahwon

The Best of Rise Africa: From September 15th – September 21st we will be celebrating the most popular and appreciated posts that Rise Africa produced.

We’re still working tirelessly on our new platform,, and developing the many resources and benefits that will be made available to our community through our new membership system, but we dedicate this week to appreciating the great content and conversations we enjoyed through Rise Africa and our collective community.

We welcome you to become a member and join this international network to connect with other young people using their skills, interests, and voices to diversify the African narrative.

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This afternoon #vscocam #paris
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This afternoon #vscocam #paris

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fun fact: Michael Cera asked Rihanna if he could slap her ass for real and she said “you can slap my ass for real if I can slap you in the face for real” and he was like alright. and they did the take like 3 times and Michael was like “you’re not hitting me hard enough do it for real” and then she slapped the fuck out of him and threw off his equilibrium so much he had to go lay down in his trailer for like half an hour lmao and that’s the take they used in the movie with no added sound effects 

his head disappears omg

bless this post

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Summary of my usual workout routine. I go hard.


Nude by Kwesi Abbensetts Model Jay
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Nude by Kwesi Abbensetts
Model Jay

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I surely deserve a treat ! #TreatYoSelf (à Berko *Original*)
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I surely deserve a treat ! #TreatYoSelf (à Berko *Original*)

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Gosh, you can’t even imagine how much I hate Femen.

Wednesday Addams kinda vibe today. #vscocam #OOTD #DieYoungStayPretty
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Wednesday Addams kinda vibe today. #vscocam #OOTD #DieYoungStayPretty

Good morning ! But first, lemme take a selfie at work. * couldn’t resist it haha*
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Good morning ! But first, lemme take a selfie at work. * couldn’t resist it haha*